Carrol Boyes Retail Pty. Ltd.

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Carrol Boyes



(02) 1556 3452

Bayside Centre, 69 Blaauwberg Rd, Cape Town, Western Cape, Cape Town,

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Carrol Boyes: Carrol Boyes | Kitchen Utensils, Home Decor, Gifts & Accessories
Renowned South African artist and designer Carrol Boyes finds the perfect synthesis between art and function in her unique home ware and gifting items, which draw their inspiration from both the human form and the beauty of nature
Pewter Dining Dinnerware Homeware Serve ware Textiles Ceramics New Bone China Porcelain Art Functional Art South Africa Design Cape Town Aluminium Cast Stainless steel Stainless Steel Cast Aluminium Laser Cut Stainless Steel Laser cut stainless steel


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